Nintendo Switch OLED Announcement

With all the speculation and articles swirling around the internet of a 4K Nintendo Switch revision happening this year, and with Nintendo repeatedly telling people to calm down, they finally announced their new hardware! Spoilers: the internet and all those click-bait articles were wrong. Those insiders with all the hot scoops were wrong. You’re getting a Switch with an OLED display. It’s the same battery life of the updated red box Switch that’s been on the market for a while now. The screen is now 7 inches big, compared to 6.2 of the original, the dock is different and has an ethernet port, and it has 64GB of internal storage. All for the lovely price of 350 USD.

Is this what the internet would have you believed would happen? Not by a long shot. People talked about having a dock that would provide more CPU or GPU power to push a 4K image to your TV, that the system would use DLSS to hit 4k resolutions. I heard some people talk about it like it’s a new console generation, a bit like a pro model of the PS4, but the newer games would look way better. I personally didn’t buy any of that. What I did think was going to happen, but didn’t, was that the Tegra X1 chip running the system would be upgraded to the newer version. Not necessarily for a hardware boost, but so they could underclock it and get more battery life out of the system. That, and because the Tegra X1 chip is getting really old and I don’t get why they’d want to keep manufacturing them.

Are people happy about this console upgrade? I’ve been using my launch day Switch as a handheld system ever since I bought it. I connected it to the TV a few times while playing Zelda just to see how it looked, wasn’t that impressed, and now it’s just a portable console. My JoyCon controller drifts in the home menus and I never got it fixed. The thought of paying 80 dollars for JoyCons makes my brain hurt, so I’ll just subtract that amount from the purchase of this console and then I’ll only have to think about spending 270 USD on a new Switch. That’s my math and it comforts me at night. I do like a nice OLED display though, so that should be pretty sexy when I’m playing Picross this year.

So if I see one at the store this year, I’m probably not going to be able to resist the temptation of picking it up. I do wish the battery life or the graphics were improved, or at least the framerate on games that needed it. Nintendo did the absolute bare minimum at making an impression on me and it shows. I’ll probably buy one and I’m sure a whole lot of other people out there will do just the same. The funny part will be when they announce a more substantial update to the Switch lineup at the end of next year, then we’ll all be questioning just how much we needed this revision in our lives.

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