Picross S4 – Review

Another year, another version of Picross on the Nintendo Switch. I’m really slacking this year though, the new game is already out and I literally just finished this one.

It’s so odd trying to review a Picross game. If you’re looking to play this game, play the first three games first and then this one. If for no other reason than having saves for the others unlock special large puzzles for each season you have.

This was not the most difficult of the seasons of Picross I’ve played. Granted, I am getting really good at Picross and can play it in my sleep. I’m the type of player that will immediately turn off all assist features, I wont count a puzzle complete unless it’s finished this way and I will not cheat to figure out if even just one block is correct. I try to make it as hard as possible for myself since I want the challenge.

While I said it’s not the hardest, one puzzle did take me the longest I’ve ever spent on a picross puzzle, which is the Mega Picross puzzle M127, it took me 1 hour and 29 minutes 40 seconds. So almost 90 minutes to beat that puzzle. Just so it’s out there, I also only suspend a puzzle, I will not completely restart it. I want to make sure that the timmer is accurate. If I mess up or think something is wrong, I will clear out a section, or the whole board, and continue on with my original timmer. It’s also nice to see that the game has a clock on it that shows the complete playtime, don’t remember that ever being a thing. My time, if anyone was wondering, is 45:55:28. That’s completing every puzzle, including the Mega, Color, Clip, and all Extra puzzles. That’s some damn good value for a 10 dollar game.

If you don’t know what picross is, this review isn’t for you. I’m not going to teach you how to play, the game comes with a tutorial that can teach you all the basics. I’ll just urge you to not cancel out of any of your games, just manually erase anything you did and if you’re frustrated, suspend them and come back later.

I like that this game came with massive 40×30 puzzles as an extra. It’s a different style of challenge from the normal picross style puzzles that complement the color versions as a nice dessert to the main game. While not necessarily super challenging, they force you to look at the board in a slightly different way that would be hard to explain to someone who doesn’t play a lot of Picross.

Final Score – 8.8

A great game of Picross. I’d love if they could do more themed versions of this game, kind of like the Kemono Friends one.

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