PS5 – The Last 4 Weeks

The last month has been so crazy, excluding everything going on in my life and the world at large. I’m talking about being two months out of a new console launch and not really picking up my controller for the last four weeks. I think I’ve done it a few times just to check on some sales and stuff like that. Definitely haven’t played a game.

I finally started it up again today and got some more games downloaded and updated, all PS4 titles and not PS5. Which leads me to the other crazy thing about the system, PS5 versions of games. Can I get some games that were made natively for the console? Some games that load as fast as Spider Man and Demon’s Souls? It’s a little crazy the speed of these releases. You’d think Sony would of had the first party slate of games ready with day 1 patches to take advantage of the hardware.

It’s okay I guess. The console is still hard for a lot of people to get, so supply is limited. The install base isn’t large since it just came out. What’s the next big Sony game that we have to look forward to, Ratchet and Clank? Returnal? Something like that.

It would have been really nice if we could have gotten a good amount of patches for PS4 games just so they take advantage of the hardware. I have to look up each game just to see if the PS5 does anything for it, it’d be nice if there was a message or icon to show that the game is PS5 aware. I booted up Monster Hunter: World today just to get a taste of it. Not sure if I’ll really stick with it, might just write up a first impression piece on it and keep it moving. I think if I choose resolution mode in the game it will just scale to 60 FPS, or it’s at least what I read online somewhere.

Feels odd that I’m here in mid-January, a month after the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, and I haven’t turned my new console on to play a game in all that time. While I usually love a good Assassin’s Creed game or even Watchdogs, these new titles feel like massive investments, and I’m a little scared to even venture to start that journey. I hope everyone who has a console is enjoying it and for those that don’t have one yet, hopefully you get the PS5 games at a discount and have a little backlog to work through when you finally do.

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