24 Hours With Cyberpunk 2077

After a full day with the game, I have a few thoughts that I’d like to share.

I’m so happy that I got my PS4/5 version of the game refunded and am now playing it on PC. It’s a way better experience. My 2070 Super is doing a decent job at the game, it’s been a lot of fiddling around in the settings and seeing what they do to performance and visuals. There’s also been a little glitching going on here and there which is understandable, but a little disappointing.

So running the game on my computer, I can play it with all of the ray tracing effects turned on, but performance really goes all over the place. I’m talking a decent 45 FPS at the high end, to in the 20’s when you hit a really intense area. Mind you, I do have the game running on a 3440x 1440 GSync ultrawide monitor, so I’m seeing a smooth frame time, it’s just doesn’t feel the most responsive to play. The game is also doing a really low native rendering to even get those type of frames. Messing with the settings can start to give you better performance, but you’ll still end up hitting choppy sections that make you want to fiddle with the display settings again.

Ray tracing worth the tank in performance for “older” cards?

In the end, I just turned off ray tracing altogether and went the fully rasterized path. With this change, I was able to move the DLSS setting up so I’m running at a higher internal resolution and my frames are around 60 FPS now. The crazy part is that the game still looks really good, it definitely looks sharper too. It’s really hard to notice when you flip ray tracing on and off, the rasterized lighting they’re using is doing an amazing job. If you’re playing with ray tracing on from the start and you’re seeing just how amazing the visuals are, I kind of got a little worried of just how bad it would look when I turned them off, but I was shocked by how similar it was. Ray tracing is still the better image, no doubt, but it’s not worth sacrificing the feel of the game and how much better it is to play. Just makes me want to get a 3080… ugh.

The glitches are odd and funny. The oddest one was looking down at my characters body in the middle of the game and being completely naked, I was wearing clothes yet they weren’t showing up on my model in game. There are T-pose characters here and there and weird lighting issues that happened when I looked in my mirror. I’ve also been finding a lot of items that are just barely in the ground that I cannot pickup, which is annoying. I had a quest with the ripper doc that I had to restart since it wouldn’t let me finish it. Other than that, it’s been a surprisingly stable and responsive game. Loading and saving has been quick, you don’t even get the odd stutter from doing a quicksave like in other titles.

I didn’t think Night City would be so bright.

A super annoying thing that I don’t think is a glitch but needs to be fixed is when you accidently tap a direction twice, with me it’s the forward key, and everyone around you goes into a panic state. This is the dodge move in the game, but apparently it’s the “oh shit it’s about to get real” switch. They think a fight is about to break off even though there’s no other hints of violence.

It’s still too soon to call it on the gameplay aspect of the game. I am playing it on the hardest difficulty setting still, haven’t dropped it down and aren’t sure If I’ll do so later. I want a challenge and to feel like there are stakes in my decisions. You also get more of a sense of accomplishment and really have to think over where you’re going to drop skill points. I just don’t want to always have to perform a bucket load of headshots to kill one guy, while it makes the game hard it’s not the realism level that I was looking for.

I love the quality of the character models the most. It’s so great seeing characters that are all of such a high quality, it reminds me a lot of Death Stranding in that regard. Even the NPC’s scattered around the world all look next-gen and attractive, they’re not just some afterthought. It’d be a nice piece to showcase all the different NPC models and give them some love too.

Without the ray tracing either. Not a bad looking game. (on pc)

Starting this game, I didn’t think I’d be getting so much Fallout vibes from it. It does feel like playing a really good one of those games, just with way better graphics and a more interesting setting. With that, I think it’s about time to jump back into the world of Night City before night hits me.

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