To Cyberpunk 2077 or Not?

The release of Cyberpunk 2077 is ever so close! We got reviews dropping left and… well, just to the left. It seems like only a select group of people are getting early copies and others have to wait a bit. Checking those reviews reveals that the game is littered with bugs. Granted, they are all playing a pre-release version of the game that doesn’t have the day one patch or anything like that so let’s all hope it gets better. I get that the game is a buggy mess right now, and I’d love it if it was more polished, but I understand that getting a version like that might have to wait a couple of months. That’s not really what has me worried at the moment, and there’s something else I’d like to talk about today.

As I skimmed all the reviews, reading just a couple words in each paragraph, the bugs were a major issue facing all reviewers, with a few outlets dinging it multiple points because of this. It makes me wonder if they’d go back to rereview it when it’s patched (probably not). What’s worrying me is that nobody I know is getting access to the console versions of the game. Seems like this game is coming in as hot as it gets.

I have a decent computer with a RTX 2070 Super, 3900X, 64 GB RAM, and an NVME drive to load games from. I also have two 1440p ultrawide monitors, even though one will be enough for this game. So, I can play the game on PC if I need to, but having played The Witcher 3 on PS4 I’d like to play this one on my PS5 also. That’s even without the next gen patch that is supposed to come out next year. Why don’t I just play on my PC you ask? If I have the option I’d prefer to play this title on my OLED tv, which is in the living room away from my PC, and I kind of just want some trophies for the game. Yea, I’m one of those guys.

What has me a little worried about getting the PlayStation version is the way Sony has been treating adult content on their system in the past couple of years. If the game is going to be censored in any way on the PlayStation version then I will not support it, and will definitely play it on my PC where there is no way it’s going to be censored. The most recent version of censorship that bothered me from Sony is with DMC 5 where they put some dumb lens flare over a butt and the Conan game were you couldn’t be nude like all the other versions. You can also see in the image below from the PlayStation demo that the poster of the demon isn’t the same poster shown in another demo (I need to look more to find it). The original had what looked to be a demon having sexual relations with a person in a nun outfit doggy style. If my PC brethren get to see that I want to also, it’s only fair. Oh, I’m completely against censorship, it’s a mature rated game, let’s all just be adults here.

Say what you will, but I just want the original game without censorship. Apparently there’s an option to toggle nudity on and off, but will that also change posters and all that? I think it’s just too soon to really know, especially with how this launch coverage is handled so far. This example of the poster could just be a change in the artwork for all platforms. Hopefully more content comes out prior to release going over some of these issues so that I, and other like-minded individuals, can make a more informed decision. I would love to start preloading this game so I can get right into it at launch.

Another thing I’d like to really see is how the PS5 version deals with the different graphical settings in the game. The best option would be for the PS4 Pro version to have a performance mode that’s 1080p/60fps and a beauty mode that shoots for 1800p/30fps. If it’s an unlocked 30 or the game just recognizes that it’s played on a PS5, it would then go up to a stable 60fps and that would be amazing, for now. I’m really annoyed that the full fat PS5 version isn’t launching on day one. If this game is going to take over 100 hours to beat, you’re going to ask me to put in another 100+ next year to experience it like that? Perhaps if we get a new trophy list like Spider Man I could be persuaded.

In the end, I’m just really excited to play this game in the next few days. I’ve been debating on waiting a bit for all the bugs to get ironed out and to understand the censorship a bit better. Or for some comparisons between the PC version and PS5, since I might be persuaded to go with the PC version for the better graphics prior to the next gen patch release some time next year.

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