Finally, the Start of Next Gen

With the leak of the Microsoft Xbox Series S, the price of 299 USD, and Microsofts confirmation of the leak, it has started the final stretch into the next-generation of console gaming.

It’s an interesting proposition to have a 300 dollar console alongside the flagship “real” release. I have a lot of feelings about all of this so I’ll try to do my best in organizing them.


The name is dumb and confusing. Granted, I don’t find much value in the Xbox ecosystem currently, so I’m not all invested and playing their console everyday. I do follow gaming and the news very closely and I still mix up the names of these consoles. I get that they’re still trying to course correct from all the dumb naming they did before, but god damn people.
(perhaps I should try and figure them all out right now and write them down!)

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One X
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X

Okay, doing it like that makes it make more sense I suppose. So this new generation they are cutting out the ‘One’ from the title and adding ‘Series’ to show that it’s new. I must have forgot this over the months. The Series S that they announced is going to be a less powerful machine that will serve the people sticking to their 1080p TVs and don’t have the cash to truly upgrade to next-gen. It’ll be hilarious reading about the confusion people have with all this bullshit.

What This Means

The leak is kind of a great thing for the consumers. It’s also a good thing that Microsoft has confirmed it so quickly. This means that they can finally start getting the ball rolling and stop playing chicken with Sony, since Sony seems to be holding out until the last second to announce any sort of price or features. So let’s get a video drop showing off the systems interface (please make it better!), how the suspend works, and some launch games! I hope they have some good launch games now that Halo was delayed. They can’t rely on 3rd party releases, unless they drop large sums of money to lock one into an exclusive deal, which doesn’t seem like their strategy.

Here’s what needs to happen for Sony now. They need to come out and put the all-digital version of the PS5 for 399 USD and have the disc version at 499 USD. While there should only be a 50 dollar difference in the price (ideally), this will help offset the lost revenue for putting out the 399 console. Since Sony will probably will be losing a little on each unit sold, make up for it with the disc version that people who care about their physical games of the PS4 generation will buy, like myself.

Microsoft will then, most likely, have their 299 USD budget console and then a 499 USD Series X. Microsoft and Sony will battle back and forth about the most powerful graphics in a console, which will be won by Microsoft, while Sony will brag about having a 399 USD truly next-generation console with amazing load times at the best price available. They each have something to market and that’s all good and well for them. The launch games and the launch window games of Sony will most likely be killer, I’m also hoping for a patch for games like The Last of Us 2 which would be smart.

Prediction Time!

So just for fun and so that I can see how it plays out down the road, I’ll make a couple predictions.

Going with the strategy I laid out earlier, and being optimistic about it all, here’s how I see this going down.

Series S – 300
Series X – 500
PS5 Digital – 400
PS5 Disk – 500
First year sales – Xbox – 5 mil
First year Sales – Sony – 12 mil

Xbox’s lack of first party titles and the fact that you can play their games on PC will diminish the sales of their console. They’ll talk more about game pass than console hardware sales, so this number may never even be announced. I’ll pick up game pass for PC for a month or two at a time and play their games, but wont keep an ongoing subscription. The Sony numbers are a little conservative. It depends on if they really did order more units as was reported. I could see them doing more than this if the 400 USD that I predicted is true and the supply is abundant in the first year. That and having an economy where people can afford new consoles during a global pandemic. With that, the Sony number can go from 10-14 million in the first year of sales.

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