NVIDIA Announces 3080 and 3070 Graphics Cards

So NVIDIA finally announced and showed off their new 3080 and 3070 graphics cards, along with a 3090 (1,500$) that nobody but rich assholes should be buying.

During the presentation, it was brought up multiple times that the performance of their cards would be double. He kept saying that they were pulling a triple-double. As you can clearly see from the graph they provided, the performance in every video game they tested is about a 1.6 – 1.8x increase. This isn’t bad or anything, just a little misleading. Perhaps this is without the added benefits of the increased DLSS performance.

I am also happy to see that they are continuing to push DLSS and make it a more prevalent feature. It needs to get to a point where every game can run using it. I know they have to do a bunch of offline processing and rendering to get it to work, at least make it so every new title coming out has that option. This, in combination with the decreased performance benefits of utilizing ray tracing, would make game studios push for more ray tracing features. I mean, most games don’t even let you run with just ray tracing or path tracing, you have to choose which features you want on or off. Even with everything on some aspects are still using standard rasterized techniques.

This technique of mixing between rasterization and ray tracing is going to continue, especially on the new console generation. They just don’t have the processing power to do a full path traced experience, unless it is a very small or simple game. I’m more referring to the full-on, triple-A experience.

If I can offload my current 2070 Super I can definitely see myself upgrading to either the 3070 or 3080. If I can get around 300 for it perhaps I’ll go up to the 3080. The funny thing is though, how much would I want to play on my PC when I’m looking forward to the PS5?

Where do you even want to play Cyberpunk 2077? I would like to get those trophies. So maybe just wait for the 3080 Super and 3070 Super cards in another year? It’s a little bit of a tricky situation. You only have so much time in a day to play games, would it even be worth getting a PS5 and a new graphics card in the same year?

It was interesting that they showed off a memory management system that they’ve been working on with Microsoft that will allow them to more easily load the memory of the GPU than what is currently possible. After seeing what Sony has devised for the PS5, pushing 9Gbs of compressed data, how would PC gaming even keep up? I’m interested in knowing if this will only support certain motherboards, hard drives, etc. Would my 300 dollar x570 motherboard and the m.2 drives I have installed be compatible? It’d be a fucking hoot if I had to upgrade to get that shit to work. Can’t wait to see what digital foundry and other Youtubers discover when they get these cards in their hands. Not to mention the support from the gaming industry for these standards.

Full on path tracing. Now let’s see this in a playable game. I also wonder how large this file is.

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