Streets of Rage 4 – Review

Not sure that I’d really call this a review in the traditional sense, more like an impression. I played this game off of the Xbox game pass on PC, so I didn’t spend any money on it and had no real commitment to it. I blew through the story mode in two sittings over the course of two days (only a couple of hours). I played as the female character Blaze as I beat up and raged out on enemies and bosses. It was a solo affair for me and it was enjoyable while it lasted.

As a kid that grew up on the NES and Genesis, I would have loved this game back in the day. I’m sure my brother and I would have gone through with every character on all the difficulty levels, unlocking anything that could be unlocked. Today, I just went through the story once, got what it was, and moved on.

The art style is what really stands out to me with this game. It has amazing 2D hand drawn animation for the characters. Add that with the impressive shader work, it really adds a new dimension of interactive lighting to this style of game. It’s really great and I’d love to see them try out a different type of game with the same art style (or perhaps a TMNT Arcade game remaster?).

Boss Fight

The combat is good, I’m not going to analyze it or anything, it was just a good one of those games to me. I just don’t have the high level of love for this kind of stuff. Before playing, I read a review for this game online where they guy reviewing it had so much love and passion for everything about this game. He still played the older Streets of Rage games and went into it far beyond what I could do. Honestly, that review was what made me decide to pick this game up. I can respect it and admire its beauty, but I don’t need to keep this one installed. I hope other people pick it up and enjoy it though, I’d love to see this company produce more awesome work like this and I was happy to experience it.

Love the style

Final Score – 6.5

If you like this type of game, add a few more points to the score. Honestly, it’s a good game, just not for me. It’d work well in a home arcade machine.

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