SteamWorld Dig 2 – Review

I loved the first SteamWorld Dig game, beat it twice in fact. There was just something lovely about the game and cyclical nature of it all. You’re a little steambot/robot person and you have to dig down into the earth, find gems, collect them, and return back to the surface to sell them for money. You use the money to upgrade your gear which lets you dig for longer periods of time and break rocks faster and so on.

The second game does what it should, which is expand on what made the first game so great. You just get more places to dig and more upgrades, along with enemies and some bosses. Nothing is really hard about the game, which is actually a good thing. I played this on my Switch, just like I did the first game (or maybe that was vita and switch), which makes it a good couch game while you have a show on in the background.

The story, I didn’t care about at all, so I can’t speak on that front. The game is just about hitting that spot in your brain where you want to keep collecting ore, selling it, and going back down just one more time to see how much stuff you can grab and places you can find.

One thing that I’m not sure if I would like or not, is some sort of endless mode. Once you get done with the game you’ve basically done everything there is to do. You went into each mine, got all the ore out of it, and upgraded all your gear to the max. It’s just that, at that point, I kind of want to keep playing the game. If they had a massive, maybe endless but maybe not, mine that was only endgame I know I would have gone into it. If you then get more upgrades available, so you have something to spend the money on, that would be great. The problem with this is that it might just ruin what makes the game great. It’s hard to imagine which way that would have turned out, it’s something I actually wanted in the first game.

Final Score – 9.0

This is just a great game with a simple hook that makes you want to keep going back just one more time. Play the first game first, then hop into this and you wont be disappointed by either. Can’t wait for a sequel.

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