Taking a Break (it’s okay)

So I feel like I’m coming off a long break from gaming. I haven’t had one of these for a while since my life has typically accommodated playing games regularly and it’s worked out well for me. I love video games and consider it a hobby and passion that I’ll carry with me throughout my life. Just like painting and 3D art, it’s okay if I take a break from one of these for a few months, it’s okay for you too! Instead, school and travel took up most of my time.

I don’t want to say that I had a complete break from games for this whole time, at the start I was playing an awful lot of Picross. I beat Picross S3 for the Switch, going through all levels with no hints and making no mistakes, which is the only way to play. After I finished that I went back to the 3DS picross game, going at season 8, finishing it, and then a bit of season 7 (I’ve never played these versions). Picross has just become a puzzling game that I play before going to bed and stuff like that, it’s not serious or anything, just a good way to keep the brain occupied. I have however, stopped playing those games a few weeks ago also.

Breaking the break began with playing the latest season of Diablo 3 with the wife on the PS4. We just got our unique gear sets for our seasonal characters while listening/watching some Critical Role on the side.

What does the future hold?

My plans right now are to try and get back into PC gaming and see how it’s changed. I’m in the process of upgrading my computer right now, just waiting for the AIO (All In One) cooler and the new monitor to get in. The monitor is a QHD Ultrawide 34 inch 120Hz Freesync 2 monitor so I’m excited to see what high frame rate gaming looks and feels like, it’ll be a first for me.

With the purchase of my new graphics card I got a copy of Control and Wolfenstein Youngblood for free. I’m going from a Geforce GTX 770 to an RTX 2070 Super graphics card, so it should be a massive jump for me. I haven’t really played PC games since around 2013 or so and the last PC game I remember really being into was Borderlands 2.

I’m looking into playing those two games. I also just bought The Division 2 and I’d like to get into Microsoft Games Pass since I got 3 free months with my new CPU. So Gears 5 and all that are waiting for me and I’m looking forward to getting into them. I’d like to make a post showing my current computer and all the parts in it and then another with the new build. My computer was mainly designed for 3D applications like ZBrush and Maya back in 2013 and that’s been the main goal of this new build. The RTX card is so that I can use ray tracing in games, I doubt it’ll have much impact in the 3D applications I use, referring only to the ray tracing cores on the card. I do love new technology, especially in the gaming space, so getting an RTX card and seeing what it can do in games like Control are really exciting.

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