So I Got the Platinum in Sekiro

Well I guess I don’t have to wait a year or two for the answer on if I’ll have that platinum. It just took an extra week.

I decided that I couldn’t give up on the game. Each day, I had to just load it up again and give the last boss a few more tries. I attempted to relieve some of the pressure of beating the guy by not just focusing on playing the game. Instead, I’d watch tv shows or YouTube as I tried to take down the last bastard.

Check out my bank account!

The first two phases of the boss are easy, you just play aggressive and stay in his face, keeping the pressure and learning his moves. This is the fun part of the fight, it’s really enjoyable to learn that when he starts his charged attack from one posture and you get the red warning to side step twice to his right and then you can get a couple free hits. Little things like that, mastering his moves and creating counters to each one, little by little. It’s the same thing that made the other bosses in this game really good.

The problem started in his phase 3 and 4. I get that you can learn his new moves and devise strategies to counter them just like I did with 1 and 2, but I opted for the “safe” strategy of running running outside of his range in a circle and waiting for his leaping attack to quickly dodge to his side and get a strike in. It’s fairly reliable once you get the hang of it, but it’s not guaranteed. I eventually got good enough and wrecked his dumb ass. I must admit that it did feel good.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Ride off into the sunset

That was my second ending of the four total that I got. It also opened up the endgame. I ran around the world and beat all the optional bosses that I could and picked up the mask to level strength. I got the six lapis luzali and went off to fight the big optional end boss, the Demon of Hatred.

He started out to be a bitch, but I soon learned of a way to cheese his first two phases by sticking him between a tree and the rock wall and playing the slow game, but i’d get wrecked when he went into the 3rd phase. So I took my time and learned his moves during a few straight up battles, this really helped and made it pretty easy to win.

New Game + and Wrecking Shop

At this point I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the platinum or not, but I knew that I should at least jump into new game+ and see what it’s all about.

I fucking wrecked this game on new game+. I beat every boss up until the end fights on the first try. Only a few fights were hard, mostly because it took a few seconds for me to remember my strats and get back into the groove of fighting the bosses. But I beat Lady Butterfly, the headless ape, and Owl on the first go; even all the mini-bosses that I ran across on my journey fell to my sword.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The game finally clicked fully with me. The first time through was only like 90% I feel. I’d get jammed up on a boss and get pissed off, thinking I’d never make it past them. Now I was a shinobi god deflecting attacks and murdering fools with my blade of death.

It really does change my perspective on the game. I’d now give it a higher score than I did last time I wrote about the game. If you’re going to really review this you have to see it through and dive into new game+ to really see what it’s all about. It’s a completely different experience and feeling.

Wrapping Up the Platinum

If you’re going to try and get the platinum, be warned right now that the worst part is getting all the skills. You have to grind out experience for a good amount of hours. I had a run where I killed the same 15 people over and over, getting one skill point at a time until I was able to unlock each and every skill. It’s a lot of work but I wanted to get that trophy. In doing this I also racked up about 400,000 coin, which I just bought hundreds of every item with. Next time I jump in I’ll be stocked up for sure.

I appreciated the trophy list, it didn’t give you stupid tasks to do, like backstab 100 people like most other games. It’s a very concise list that only asks you to do what’s needed to see everything the game has to offer. I just wish the grind to get enough experience was a lot easier. It’s probably made for people who keep going up in new game+ over and over, since the experience increases each time. I just did the math and figured it’d be quicker to just grind it out than going through a few more times.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Have you seen this screen?

For the boss trophy I went through and beat all the mini-bosses, most of which are needed to get their necklaces for upgrading your vitality and all that. They were really fun to do, mostly because cleaning them out in the endgame means you kind of just wreck them since you have all the muscle memory built up.

Playing this game and getting the platinum has kind of made me a master of this game, I could help anyone out on any of the bosses I feel. I could coach them through each battle, the game just kind of demands that sort of mastery out of the player which is a rare experience in video games. Games tend not to ask this of their players, which takes away the sense of reward you get for beating a tough boss. Although I wouldn’t want every game to have bosses this hard, that would just suck.

In Love With the Combat

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Yea, get the fuck out old man

The combat and swordplay in this game are wonderful. I can’t remember any game doing swordplay like how it’s done in Sekiro. It exemplifies the real-world skill needed to battle with such a deadly weapon. It requires you to study your enemy to time your counter, dodge, and attacks. Enemies you face when you start playing turn into chumps in the later game, you’ve already studied them and instinctly know what trash move they’re going to try on you so you just counter and shove your blade into their neck.

The issue I have is with all the skills you unlock, most of them I never even touched or had a reason to explore and master. There just never came a moment when I needed a special attack other than the two or three I used. Even the very last skill I unlocked, the spiral cloud passage seemed pretty pointless. Using one of your arm skills tend to be a better use of your spirit emblems in most boss fights.


So yea, what a difference a week makes. Stick to it, but in the time, learn the boss, cheese them if you have to. Getting through it all once turns the game into something really special and gratifying. Seeing how you progressed, how different the first battle with a boss is from your new game+ run, it really makes you feel like a bad-ass shinobi.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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